Friday, October 15, 2004

"The coin slot"

Friday arvo drinks at the tav were rudely cut short today due to "Oktoberfest".

There was still time however, for Denis to develop a theory on the "coin slot", "plumbers crack", "bike rack" or "brickies cleavage"... call it what you will.

The whole thing started when a girl at the table next to us was proudly showing us a good inch-or-so of arse crack. We decided it was sorta like looking at the sun; you know it's bad, but you can't help staring.

My question was: "Do you think she's doing it intentionally, or do you think she doesn't know that it's showing?"

It was then that the can-o'-worms was opened...

Apparently (according to DenDen), the reason for the proliferation of arse-crack-showing females these days can be found in man's relationship to the apes (well the baboon in particular). He started to lose us a bit then, but I'm pretty sure he mentioned something about bum cleavage as being the cleavage of the new century... or something...

Anyway, with our beer supply cruelly cut-off by the guild-nazis, we headed to the library, a place very foreign to me on Friday afternoons... Denis was determined to find some support for his new theory on "coin slots". He found a book written in the 60's by some monkey-fucker who likened female lips to baboons arses... I don't quite know how this supported Denis's theory, but he was happy with his find...

I think I prefer my cleavage the old-fashioned way, and as interesting as Den's theory was, I choose not to subscribe to it.


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