Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Count Olaf unmasked

If there's one thing I hate nearly as much as Tony Abbott, it's falling victim to a clever marketing campaign...

I'm usually quite astute and my bullshit detector rarely fails me. I can spot subtle ambush advertising and product placements, and I can smell an infomercial or advertorial a mile away.

But today I found out that I'd been had!!!

The Blogger homepage has a link to http://www.countolaf.com/blog/ displayed atop it's "Blog's of note" section. I took a look and thought that I was looking at rather clever blog compiled by an eccentric, if somewhat egotistical, actor. It seemed like an innocent laugh, and I was even moved to provide a link to it from my own blog.

But alas...

Count Olaf's blog is nothing but a clever piece of ambush advertising for a children's movie due for release just before Christmas. Jim Carrey plays the role of Count Olaf, and I'm playing the role of pissed-off consumer who won't be forking over his hard-earned pennies to see the film for fear of encouraging this contemptible form of marketing!

I feel better now...


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