Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Hall of Mirrors

Yep, we got drunk and lamented... At least three more years of a Liberal government, and if that's not bad enough, we face the very real prospect of the Liberals holding the balance of power in the Senate...

Australia, take a walk in the hall of mirrors and have a good hard look at yourselves!

It's a very scary prospect and may call for rash responses... I'm thinking of moving to France, and I hate the French!!!

Other than the obvious mutual despair of the group last night, we still managed a few laughs and giggles. The girls got messy, Denis was at his best, Harro brought a different point of view to the group, the chick in the polka-dot top was as sexy as hell and Dave McCormick & The Polaroids were awesome (especially the cover of Whitetown's Your Woman).

All in all, a good night under trying circumstances.


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