Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ho Hum...

Nothing too exciting happening of late...

It's the business end of semester at uni, so it's been occupying most of my time.

Saw Exorcist: The Beginnings at a special preview on Wednesday with Liz... not a patch on the original, but a bit of a laugh.

I've started playing cricket again... I was missing it. Played 6th grade today and it was good fun. Played with some guys that I'd never played with... a good bunch of guys and we had a great win. I really enjoy playing with my good mate TK, and don't often get the chance. I'm looking forward to his wedding in a fortnight.

Got a message fom Kim today, she sounded the more homesick than ever. It would have been about 5am her time... I hope she's okay. I think the onset of the northern winter is freaking her out. For purely selfish reasons I hope she decides to come home. It would probably mean the end for "Top 5 Tennis", but it'd be great to have her back home...

Had a little flutter on the way to cricket today... Go Miss Potential you good thing. A handy $80 collect... nothing on the telly tonight, and I'm feeling a little bit toey, so I'm about to head off to the casino to see if my luck is still running... hopefully I win some money too.


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