Monday, October 11, 2004

A Positive Spin on a Disastrous Result

Good news and a challenge

We are now only three years away from the end of conservative rule in this country. Under pressure and with only a short preparation Mark Latham has conducted himself like a Prime Minister and shown he has the character to lead the country. He has been positive, mature in his conduct, bold with policy and generous in defeat.

In beginning his preparation for three years in Opposition he might consider issuing a challenge to the Liberals:

Show us sound economic management, yes, that’s something we expect anyway. But we want more than sound management, we want dynamic and imaginative and progressive management and we want to lead the world in social policy.

Don’t concentrate on protecting the status quo; help us realise our potential as a great, progressive nation and know that if you aren’t able to do that, we will be ready to make it happen in three years’ time.

# posted by notthewest @ Sunday, October 10, 2004

From a fellow Perth based blogger: Not The West


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