Sunday, October 03, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - Let the games begin

I’ve invented a game (well I’ve stolen an idea and changed it enough that I can call it my own) that I started playing today with my good friend Kim in the UK. I call it “Top 5 Tennis”. I’ve taken inspiration from the literary classic that is Hi Fidelity.

Here’s how it goes; I email her a Top 5 list of my choosing, in response she completes her Top 5 of the same thing, in addition she sends thru a new Top 5 list of her choosing, to which I reply with 2 Top 5 lists, hers and a new one, and so on and such forth until we get bored with it, run out of ideas or die.

Apart from these simple rules, I think we can make it quite flexible. It is okay to provide reasons for selections, or they can be left to explain themselves. I also think it should be allowable to revisit old list topics occasionally as tastes and people change.

I think it’s brilliant and it’s sure to catch on the world over, I just can’t think of a way to get rich from it… ah well, life sux.

So here goes…

List No. 1

Top 5 Favourite Song Lyrics

“I don’t believe you’re leaving ‘cause me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream, I think it’s that girl…”
Tori Amos - Tear in your Hand

“I saw two shooting stars last night, I wished on them but they were only satellites, it’s wrong to wish on space hardware, I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care.”
Billy Bragg - A New England

“I saw a plane go into a cloud, I'm drunk, I'm happy, I'm singing and loud, two o'clock in the arvo but hey that's allowed, I'm having a good time and of that I am proud!”
Cat Empire - The Wine Song

“My friends think I'm ugly... I've got a masculine face, got some drag-strip courage... I can really drive a bed, gonna change my name to Hannibal or maybe just Rex.”
Tom Waits - Goin' Out West

“…and then it happened, she cut her hair and I stopped loving her.”
Billy Bragg - Walk Away Renae


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