Saturday, October 16, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - Sad Songs

You can be cruel sometimes... picking only 5 of your favourite live musical moments is tough... why didn't I call this game Top 20 Tennis?

Okay I'm gonna cheat a little here, I was there for your 2 (Cave) & 5 (WPA), so there's no need to include them...

As for the Dunsy Stems gig, wasn't I pissed off with Nat? ...can't remember, but I was pissed about something.

Review of yours

No problem with the actors, except to say that Jack Black would usually get in to mine too... but was sadly overlooked on this occasion.

As for the musical moments... The Angels? Fleetwood Mac?... I suppose you were a bogan and I'm sure you've just put Fleetwood Mac in to make me feel inadequate in the big arena gig department.

Top 5 Live Musical Moments

1 - Tori Amos at The Octagon (Went with Angie. It was hypnotic, the way she straddled that piano stool, the way she moved, the flawless voice. The crowd were on there best behaviour, so much so that you could hear Tori doing percussion with her stilettos. Neither of us said a word on the 5 minute walk back to the car... we were blown away!)

2 - The Strokes at The Globe (Went with Jules. Hard to believe now, but The Strokes were supporting You Am I on a Thursday night, it was prior to the release of their first album. Jules wasn't keen on going, but I used my powers of persuasion. They rocked, I met Julian Casablancas at the bar during the You Am I set, he was only 19 then and blissfully unaware of just how awesome he was, and how big they'd become. All he wanted to know was where all the cute chicks hung out in Perth. I chewed Jules's ear off all the way back to Freo with statements such as; "I don't think you realise who we just saw in there, they have the potential to be the world's biggest band, next time they come back to Perth they'll be headlining the Big Day Out", how prophetic.)

3 - The Dirty Three at Luna Cinemas (Went with Jules. It was a Sunday night, and the only time that'd I've ever seen a band play in a movie cinema, it was great though, it's one of them old cinemas with the comfy chairs. Although they didn't take the stage 'til about midnight (on a Sunday night!) it was worth the wait. I just love the lengthy and specific intro's that Warren gives the instrumental songs; "This one's about the time that you're driving along a country road and you feel like stopping for something to eat but...... yada yada yada", there's no fuck'n words Warren, just what the fuck are you smoking? The man is a true performer.)

4 - Mick Thomas at The Oxford (Went with Rob, and you were there for a couple of songs via mobile phone. The show was of his usual high standard, but will be remembered for the events post show. Meeting Mick and the boys, plus the girls from the support act; Git. Getting plied with red wine at the Oxford and then back at their hotel room, calling you and having you speak to Mick, right up to the point where big Stu so politley escorted my drunken ass out of there for being too pissed... it was a big afternoon.)

5 - Cat Empire on the balcony at The Perth Concert Hall (Went with Kiera (the dancer). A real feelgood show in a fantastic new venue on a balcony over looking the Swan. It was one of those shows where you can't stop dancing (or moving in my case) and you can't stop smiling. They performed a fantastic set plus encore, then about half an hour later they came back and did an unanounced set for those who had stayed on. Apparently they "weren't ready to head back to the hotel just yet" and "would you mind if we played some more songs for you". Now that's value.)

Honourable mentions (I like this little addition - but I fear that it will be abused - like this):

Radiohead @ The Ent Cent; Pearl Jam @ The Ent Cent; Ben Harper & Brad @ Belvoir; Jeff Lang & John Butler @ Mojos; Alex Lloyd @ Cafe Piazza; The Strokes, The Flaming Lips & Dandy Warhols at this years BDO; Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill @ Belvoir on Australia Day (the night I first got with Jules); Neil Finn @ His Maj's (the night he fell off the stage) & The Waifs & WPA at Dunsy (The day we got the special preview. I still can't believe you made me drive back to Perth that night).

Top 5 Songs that "bring a lump to the back of the throat"

1 - Darren Hanlon - Falling Aeroplanes "...and that song he built was hers, with a chorus and four verse, and she woke to find him finally asleep"

2 - Paul Kelly - Deeper Water "...she said where I'm going next, I'm going alone"

3 - Mick Thomas - Short Time "And when a face just disappears..."

4 - Elton John - Daniel "...and I can see Daniel waving goodbye" (Played at my cousin Daniel's funeral, at his request)

5 - The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work "...they just make you worse, but I know I'll see your face again" (took on a whole new meaning when I found out it was written for his dying father)

Sorry for the depressing topic, it's inspired by the fact that I'm going to see Darren Hanlon tonight (with Zoe).

Love ya' / miss ya'


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