Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - Sexy Singers / Male Actors

I'm glad you like the game... I'm quite proud of myself for coming up with the concept.

I like the idea of a review section, but you'll understand if I don't review your last top 5.

Although, as you stated, your category is quite lame, it has created a dilemma for me... do I try to maintain some sort of 'artistic integrity' with my selections, or do I go for 5 of the plethora of nubile, young, pepsi-advertising, pop-princesses out there who I would imagine would be fine in the sack. Your inclusion of JBJ has left the door slightly ajar for me to do just that, but I think I'll follow your lead and just include one for fun... here goes:

Top 5 musical artists (alive or dead) that I would most like to go to bed with:

1 Kylie Minogue (Now that I'm an Aussie it would be unpatriotic not to include her)
2 Melissa Auf der Maur (She was always the sexiest member of Hole)
3 Fiona Apple (I'm a sucker for a chick who plays the piano)
4 Tori Amos (As above)
5 Jessica Simpson (My token bimbo - You set the standard there... it's your fault)

And the new category...

Getting off music and out of the sack...

Top 5 Favourite Actors of all time (Male)

1 Sean Penn (The more I see of him, the more I like him)
2 David Wenham (Has to be the best Aussie actor ever... plays a great psycho)
3 Bill Murray (I just love this guy... when I get old I wanna be just like him)
4 Peter Sellers ("Birdy num nums")
5 James Spader (I was never a huge fan, but I've just discovered The Practice and he's awesome in it)

Enjoy Athens you lucky cow...

What's happening with the Dublin job?

Miss ya / Love ya
Andre (Aggasi that is)


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