Saturday, October 16, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - Who can resist it?

"I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it"... that should really be a line in that "Detachable penis" song...

Thanks for pointing out the Sacre Coeur - I have always wondered what that line said. Thank you even more for doing this so publicly on a website so that others can be privy to the fact that I am a twat! (I bet "she of the annoyingly stupid forward lunging guitar playing style" - Donna Simpson - didn't know what it was when she sang it at Bellvoir at the final WPA concert many moons ago!) HA!

I am, however, curious as to whether you actually knew that or whether you just found time during a nocturnal manic phase to surf the net and find it out, all with the explicit intention of making me look like a twat!
(it was the latter - sorry)

Review of your Top 5

All completely acceptable, except of course Jessica Simpson who has the cognitive flexibility of a stapler!!! (or could otherwise be considered thick as pig shit)

Top 5 Actors of all time (male)

1) Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller - "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it" - My all time favourite movie - PURE GENIUS!)
2) Kevin Spacey (Usual Suspects, American Beauty to name but a few)
3) Eric Bana (OK, so I've only seen him in one film but what a cracker (or a chopper?)
4) Jack Black (The original top 5 King!)
5) Chris Noth ("Mr Big" - Sex and The City - verrrrrry sexy)

Top 5 Live Music Moments

1) Hearing "For a Short Time" for the first time ever in the Evelyn pub in Fitzroy on grandfinal day (after watching the Roos down the Swans at the G) and just standing there open mouthed and in awe. Bought River'esque the next day and have played that song so many times for so many people always staring with the words "You just have to hear this song..."

2) Nick Cave performing "The Ship Song" at Belvoir. Hail Saint Nick!! Utterly mesmerising. (Thus forever cementing my Cave addiction)

3) Fleetwood Mac - "Rhiannon" - MEN arena Manchester. Stevie Nicks is 57 and she is still fabulous!

4) Watching The Angles at The Raffles (shameful as it is to have EVER been at the Raffs, but I was only 15!) play "Be with You" and Doc Neeson handing me the plastic cup that he had been drinking from (I probably still have it!)

5) Jen Anderson shooting us with the super 8 camera right before the last ever Weddoes concert - and every moment of the following 2 hours! 3000 people, a million stars, Irish O'Prey winking at me from on stage and a tearful Mick Thomas. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Honorary mention - (This one just missed out on a guernsey)

Sleeping on the verge outside the Dunsborough pub after seeing The Stems (who were supported by You Am I - when Tim Rogers called the crowd "A pack of Cunts")...I think I tried to pick up a copper called "Stu" and that you really pissed me off that night! (For reasons that now escape me except that you can be an annoying bastard sometimes!)


I'm going to see a band tonight called The Yards (The lead singer Chris Helm was in The Seahorses) inside the York Minster (which is the largest gothic cathedral in England). It is really spectacular and it still operates as a church, so the fact that they have a bar set up inside tonight is clearly an event not to be missed! Feels a bit naughty, however drinking is probably tame compared to what those Monks used to get up to on the spiral staircase 300 years ago! Everybody knows what goes on under those robes!

Love ya lots

P.S - I'm gonna get my cousin Gav involved in this!


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