Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - Who's winning?

I can vouch for the fact that predicted The Strokes as the next big thing - I remember you raving endlessly about them after that night. I recall asking you what sort of music it was and you replying... "Rock N Roll"

and yes, you are right, this is a depressing topic you morbid fuck, but here goes...

Top 5 songs that bring a lump to the back of your throat

1) Noiseworks - Take Me Back. "I watched you wave goodbye as you drove away, I didn't know that it would be your last time with me" (This is one of my all time favourite songs - I used to love it when I was younger - back in the bogan days)

2) REM - Everybody Hurts. Played at Dave O's funeral. I'm sure you remember that.

3) Nick Barker and Alana De Roma - If I'm with You (soundtrack from the movie Amy) Played at my Nan's funeral. You might remember that one also. "and if there's storm clouds everywhere......then who really cares, if I'm with you" which was really relevant cause my Nanna hated thunderstorms. God, it still makes me cry thinking about it now, and Nan's been gone for 5 years...

4) WPA - For a Short Time. "Then you heard she was gone for good...." "So tell me how long is a short time, is it longer than 2 hours, or a bit less than a weekend, is it shorter than a year, is it the time it takes to not complete your business with a person, to a friend you make in transit, to a daughter held so dear...." (Had to put this one in, even though it is included in yours - we never did clarify a rule on that one, but I think it is reasonable to have the same things in our top 5)

5) Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven. No explanation necessary, just a really sad song.

Top 5 Hangover cures

1) Whopper heavy mayo
2) Choc milk
3) Vegemite and avocado on toast (a true taste sensation!)
4) more beer...
5) lots more beer...

Went and saw that band I was on about The Yards inside the York Minster last friday night. What an unbelievable experience! I know that when something is awesome it's described as breath taking, but this literally left me short of breath - my chest hurt! You sat on the red velvet covered pews, surrounded my huge candles, and stone carvings. You can imagine the acoustics inside a cathedral like that! Simply spellbinding.

Sick of the shitty weather in this godforsaken country and it's not even that bad yet. The clocks turn back this weekend which means it gets dark at about 2 minutes past midday and the entire country slips into the inevitable winter depression. This is always something to look forward to - especially when the sun is shining back home on Scarborough beach!

Really homesick...

Miss you.
Kim x

(By the way - why did I make you drive back to Perth after the WPA/Waifs gig???)


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