Saturday, October 09, 2004

A very sad day...

The day started full of promise... the smell of change was hanging in the air.

I had never voted before and today was the day that I was to do my bit to get rid of Little Johnny Howard, Smirky Peter Costello, embarrassment Alexander Downer and Cunt Tony Abbott (sorry for the vulgarity, but he is).

So, with my car again off the road, this time with a suspected flat battery, I set off on foot to what I thought would be the polling booth at the primary school at the end of the street... wrong.

Surely there'd be one at the Council Chambers, so off on foot take two...

After finally arriving, and slightly out of breath, I waved away those who were handing out how to vote cards... I knew what I had to do.

Job done... it didn't feel as good as I thought it would, but it was done none-the-less.

A slight detour to the TAB on the way home and a healthy little pick up of $70 bucks, thanks largely to a nag by the name of Racer's Success, and things were looking up...

Home to sort out the battery problem and to avoid doing my essay on the ABA and the jokes that are; David Flint and "Cash for Comment".

Battery now on charge and essay successfully put off 'til tomorrow, let's switch on the TV and get some early election results... it was about now that the day started turning to shit.

I had done my bit for the betterment of the country, but it seems clear that the majority of Australians hadn't done the same... shame on you, every last one!

So it's off to the pub with my fellow politics students to get pissed and waffle about what could have been, Denis is picking me up shortly, and I'm ready to get plastered and say some more bad things about the coalition front bench...

A day that started with promise is turning out to be very sad indeed...


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