Saturday, October 09, 2004

Where I've been... It's looks scary when you write it all down!

I got to thinking that I've lived in quite a few places since leaving school and home waaaay back in 1991. Just to confirm the point to myself, I wrote them all down... I've got no idea of dates, but here it is in chronological order:

Coulson St Wilson
Shared with my former best-mate Damian and Darren (Jongo).
Lots of Tooheys Red (the drink of the day), lots of parties, lots of mess, a slight rodent problem, generally what you'd expect from three teenage lads.
It was at Coulson St that I hooked up with Angie, who I got engaged to soon after (I was young, stupid and impulsive).
It was all fun and games until Damian hooked up with the bass player from his band... she hated me and the feeling was more than mutual, she sucked out his will to live. Sadly I've heard reports that they're still together...
In an eerie footnote to Coulson St, our landlord was Peter Weygers, former mayor of Claremont and major suspect in the Claremont serial killer case. I always found him to be a strange bloke, but a serial killer... I think not.

Hume Rd Thornlie
Back with the folks for a few months while I got some cash together, Angie and I had decided to build a house (as I said: I was young, stupid and impulsive).

Bernley Dr Viveash
The house that Paul and Angie built.
I lived there on my own for over a year, without carpets and lawn. I had a kitten though, he was a tripper called Luepa.
Angie was supposed to move in after the wedding, but of course the wedding never happened, by that time I must've realised that I was being young, stupid and impulsive.
Ugly break-up ensued, and I was the big loser. I did get to keep the kitten.

Lakesend Dr Thornlie
Shared with Luepa and Wade, Kim was supposed to move in, but backed out at the last minute.
Luepa didn't like his new surrounds, and after a couple of months commited kitty suicide by throwing himself under a car wheel.
Dubbed the "Lakesend Nightclub", we played host to various parties and we were the drop-in house for all of our mates who still lived in the area with their folks.
The place was huge (5 bed & 2 bath), we had two bedrooms and a bathroom each, and a spare.
The bucket bong was permanently set up on the island times!

The "Vagrancy Period"
I decided to take off. I had an offer to join a couple of girls (Liz and Krisha) on a bit of an adventure to Cooroow (Just over half way to Geraldton and inland a bit).
We all got jobs on a wildflower farm and spent our time picking flowers, smoking pot and drinking ourselves into stupors... fun times indeed!
We'd come back to Perth occasionally for weekends.
It lasted a few months until we got bored.
I spent the next couple of months bunking down all over the place, but mainly at Kim's folks place. It was there that I labelled the vagrant by her nan. I kinda liked the tag, although I think it was supposed to be a criticism.

Dorigo Pl Gosnells
Evevtually got around to getting another place, sharing with Wade again.
Sensibly we went for a much smaller place, more intimate than the "Lakesend Nightclub", and so it became the "Dorigo Dinner & Dance".
We had an awesome housewarming cocktail party, Kim threw up in the bath, Nat threw up in Wade's bed, Rosa threw up in the kitchen sink, and I threw up in the front lawn... fun times indeed!!!

Durban St Belmont
It took me a while to figure out, but I decided that living with Wade was bad for our friendship.
I accepted an offer from Bianca to move in with her and her staffy Jackson.
Bianca was a drop dead gorgeous girl that I'd knocked back in high school because she was two years younger than me - what was I thinking?
We got on like a house on fire, I loved living there.
I tried to hit on her once, and she told me that I'd missed my chance... fair enough I thought.
Would have stayed there for longer, but Bianca met a Scandinavian fella in Bali and decided to follow him to Melbourne... I hope she's doing well, lovely girl.

Malone Ct Thornlie
I was looking forward to getting my own place, but a mate from cricket was looking for a place as well, so P.A. and I got a place back in Thornlie.
It was a good move, P.A. decided to invest in a home entertainment system and we had Foxtel put on... bloke's paradise!
It was a nice place too... but we had to move out after a year because the owners wanted to move in... selfish pricks.

Tipuana Pl Thornlie
We found a suitable place in Forest Lakes... it had a bar, and so became "The Tipuana Bar".
I liked living with P.A. we were quite similar in a lot of ways, and he had the best couches, we lived on them, honing our remote control skills.
I hooked up with Jules while at the Tipuana Bar, and when P.A. built his own place I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a place with Jules.

Arundel St Fremantle
Of all the places I've lived in, this was my fave.
A ground floor apartment in a heritage listed building with an amazing courtyard. It was a short walk to the terrace, and next door to the best liquor store in Freo.
I loved the feel of the place; fireplace in every room, big polished floorboards... it was awesome.
Jules's dad offered to build places for Jules and her sister, so unfortunatley we had to move somewhere less expensive so we could get some cash together.

Stack St Fremantle
The landlord at Arundel recommended the Stack St place (his son's). It saved us the hassle of looking.
It was a nice enough place on a huge block near the Freo golf course.
The best thing about it was we were able to get a dog... and so PeeDee followed us home from the RSPCA.
PeeDee became a neighbourhood celebrity, it wasn't until just before we moved out that we discovered how he'd been escaping and hanging out at the mechanic's workshop over the road, then coming home just before we did.
Eventually the house was built and sadly we had to leave Freo... I will return one day... Oh yes I will!

Knutsford Ave Rivervale
Fantastic two-storey townhouse, brand-spanking new.
PeeDee didn't have much room to move compared to the huge yard at Stack St, but other than that the place was awesome.
Jules's sister and her fella Simon had a similar place next door.
It was nice living there until things turned sour between Jules & I.
Ugly break-up ensues, yada yada yada...

Armagh St Vic Park
PeeDee went to my Uncle and Aunty's place in Thornlie, and I moved in with Sally (a girl from uni) and her 3yr old daughter.
Sally's an awesome person; smart and hilariously funny. But it didn't take long to figure out that moving in with her was a mistake.
I stuck it out for as long as I could, I didn't want to just up and leave them... the rent was quite steep and I wasn't sure how Sally would manage on her own... but eventually, for my own sanity, I had to move.

Canning H'way Como
All of that has led me here... on my own in a crummy little flat in Como.
It's not that bad really, apart from the carpets (they've gotta go!), and it's next door to a bottleshop (who could ask for more?).
I'll probably stay here until I finish my degree (although given my track record anything is likely to happen).

If I stay in Perth, I'll be getting back to Freo as soon as possible. I miss it like an old friend...


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