Monday, October 25, 2004

Why this man is #1 on my hate list...

Alan Jones:

He is an annoying little fucker who spends his radio shows crawling up the collective arses of the Coalition front bench.

He's still passing off advertising as comment despite the best efforts of Mediawatch to get the ABA to punish his obvious breaches of the Broadcasting Services Act.

He got done for sodomy with another bloke in a public toilet in London.

He makes my skin crawl.

He used to coach Australia's rugby team The Wallabies.

Thanks to Hack on JJJ, you to can hear some of the views that this hate-filled man has on life:

Why the All Blacks lost a test to the Alan Jones coached Wallabies

Jones's views on 80s music and the corporate world

How to speak to staff and co-workers


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