Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Not acceptable All Black behaviour

Nonu admits to wearing makeup

03.11.2004 1.00pm

In an admission set to shake the foundations of New Zealand's tough rugby image, centre Ma'a Nonu says he wore eye makeup with his Wellington provincial team and plans to do the same with the All Blacks.

Nonu owned up about his latest fashion preference to reporters when the All Blacks gathered in Auckland yesterday ahead of their four-match tour of Great Britain and France.

"It's a personal thing, I put it on myself. It's a bit of a fashion statement, I think," Nonu, 22, told reporters. His comments were reported on the Xtra website.

It was not clear if the application of mascara helped his on-field vision and he did not own up if the act was the result of a lost bet with a teammate, the website reported.

Nonu played all four of his tests last year, including at the World Cup, but wasn't required by coach Graham Henry earlier this season.

He has earned a recall following good form in the NPC for Wellington, where his new look was unveiled in the semifinal and final.

"When I first started playing at this level I had dreads, the same as (provincial and national teammates) Tana (Umaga) and Rodney (So'oialo) as well," he explained.

"I tried a different look by colouring it.

"Then last year everyone was colouring their hair as well. I'm just trying to bring a different thing in by colouring my eyes, I think.

"Everyone's giving me grief, especially my best mates. I'm just going to stand by what I think
and keep on doing it. And hopefully other players will try it as well."


I've got no problems with the whole 'metro-sexual' thing... but All Blacks just shouldn't be messing with make-up... it's just not right.

Kiwis take their rugby and their All Blacks bloody seriously... there'll be a public backlash over this and Nonu may have played his last game for the All Blacks.

It's just sacrilegious... I'm devastated.


At 5:49 am, Blogger Char said...

Blame Johnny Depp, he brought eye makeup for chaps back in style.
Mind you, he could strap a turnip onto his head and make it look like the dapper thing to do.


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