Monday, November 15, 2004

Podium dancing with bogans...

TK & Ros's wedding was a blast. The weather was near perfect for the outdoor ceremony. A bit windy, but you'd expect that being so close to the ocean in Rockingham. The ceremony was short and sweet, with no mentions of the big guy upstairs or the queen and stuff... I wish all wedding ceremonies were the same.

The reception was great... literally within 90 seconds of the happy couple arriving, the dance floor was packed with everyone dancing to The Beatles - Twist & Shout before forming a giant conga-line to escort the bride and groom to their table.

My date Liz was a hit, especially with the lads. Unfortunately she had to leave earlyish due to family commitments... It worked out really well in the end, I sent her home with my folks and I was then able to make a move on the only other single girl at our table... the delightful Marylou.

Despite my best (and by then, drunken) efforts to get her to come out clubbing with us, she politelty declined. I must have made an impression however, because she got my phone number from the bride and messaged me last night. We're going to catch up next week after my exams.

Night-clubbing in Rockingham... It really could have fizzled out and been a sad end to a good night, but I was determined not to let it happen. I figured we could've sat there and drank more while watching the behaviour of the local ferals... or we could join them. I chose the latter.

I managed to get all of the guys wives and girlfriends up on to the podium to dance, much to the amusement of the guys who were looking on from the bar. We copped a heap of strange looks... not only were we way overdressed for a Rockingham nightclub, but we were acting like idiots too.

A taxi back to a chalet the guys had hired and I was still pumped and wanting to kick on... they weren't. So a drunken 3am phone call to Kim in the UK, a few more laughs then off to bed.

Suprisingly, yesterday's hangover was only mild.


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