Friday, November 26, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - All the 'cool kids' are playing it

Paul Kelly would have made it into my honourable mentions.

Top 5 Pubs

1) The Cott - A West Australian Institution!
2) Oscar's - England. My favourite bar in York. Full of amazing memories! (which is kind of a contradiction in terms seeing that I am usually so drunk when I leave that I can't remember a thing - as was the case last night!)
3) Lakers - Thornlie. Wouldn't really rate it now, but we all grew up there so it would be tough to leave it out.
4) The Living Room - York. Sophisticated, swanky, grown up wine bar, for sophisticated, swanky grown up patrons like my good self. Full of "young-ish" professionals, yet it somehow manages to avoid being pretentious and it sells the best cosmopolitans that I have ever tasted!
5) Solomon Grundies - Manchester. Walking distance from my friends house, great meals for 3 quid and a guy playing the sax in the corner. (plus it sounds like reg grundies except nobody knows what they are over here!)

Honourable Mentions -
Some bar in Rome that I can't remember the name of. The entire bar was a fish tank full of piranhas, which they feed at midnight. Awesome!! (Glenn proposed later on that night!!??! - there must be a line in there somewhere about man-eating fish...)

The Queens - Still hard to beat for a Sunday sess.

Top 5 Reasons that you and I are mates

1) Same sense of humour
2) We know too much about each other not to be friends! (and I still love you anyway)
3) Cause you get me - you understand what I'm saying even when it's gobbledegook
4) I can't always beat you in an argument...
5) We both know and love the red wine haze...and as a result we have seen each other very VERY drunk (and trust me mate, you aint pretty!)

I was gonna say that you are the only person I know that's as smart as me, but it's hard to convey sarcasm in written form...

Cold Aussie beer on tap?? I have just 3 words to say.....BRING IT ON!!!!!!!


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