Saturday, November 06, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - David Stratton gives it 4 stars

Review of your top 5 Hangover Cures -

I seem to remember you lying not only on cold tiles, but also under sprinklers, with your t-shirt around you ears, resembling a donkey...thus Eeyore was born!!!

Fair point about the "more beer" and "lots more beer", that was just plain lazy.

And why did you sign the last email Paul???? I mean I know it's your name and everything, but it sounds so, I don't know, Paul-ish.

Top 5 Fictional Characters

1) Edina Monsoon - Absolutely Fabulous

"I love this futon, I can go anywhere in the bedroom just by rolling"

2) Rick - The Young Ones

"I'm writing to my MP...."
But you don't have an MP Rick, your an anarchist...
"Then I'm writing to the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen...... Dear Mr Echo"

3) Bat Fink

"My wings are like shields of Steel" This was always my favourit-est cartoon.

4) Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and The City - for all those fabulous shoes!

5) Borat - The Ali G Show "Itsa nice"

Top 5 Natural Highs (that you have personally experienced)

1) Winning the trifecta at the Melbourne cup!!!!!!! (Now THAT was a buzz!)...only a shame that it was 2 and a half grand, not the 7 and a half that we originally thought!

2) Having a wild seal put it's head in my hand while swimming with us off the back of a boat near Rottnest Island, then nudging me in the back and encouraging me to go under the water and play in his world. Very cool! (this was when I was with Glenn, maybe I should have kept him - I bet he's very rich by now!)

3) Winning the Grandfinal with Sparks at Challenge Stadium after being 12 down at half time, and shaking the hand of the horse face bitch that played against me. Jubilation and smugness rate amongst my favourite emotions!

4) Simultaneous orgasms...

5) Sunburn!!!!! - cause I've forgotten what it feels like and I can't think of anything I would rather have right now!

I'm finding it hard to deal with my ever increasing seasonal affective disorder. The weather sucks, the darkness sucks, the cold sucks, England sucks....but I'm not complaining, I mean why on earth would I want to be in sunny Australia right now????

Love u.
K. x


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