Saturday, November 13, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - It reduces the risk of cancer

Top 5 Favourite AFL players

1 - James Hird - The best all round footballer I've ever seen, and would've been better if not for rotten luck with injuries.
2 - Paul Kelly - Fearless. Great skipper, led with actions not words.
3 - Tony Lockett - I know he's on your list, but I couldn't leave him off mine. Fulback's nightmare.
4 - Derek Kickett - Like Plugger, he was still awesome when he was the size of a house. Oozed skill.
5 - Michael Voss - See comments for Paul Kelly.

Top 5 Favourite Pubs

1 - Caves House - Yallingup
- Awesome setting, great little bar and gardens. Since the first time I went there I've had dreams of winning lotto and buying it.
2 - Mojos - North Fremantle - Cozy little pub with a fantastic atmosphere. Lots of live music memories.
3 - Phillimores - Fremantle - Best pub courtyard I've seen. I don't think it's open anymore which is a huge shame. I had the lotto dreams about this place too.
4 - Captain Cook - Dunedin(NZ) - I only went there once, but it made an impression. The first pub I ever went to Christmas Eve 1989, and I've never looked back.
5 - Paddy's - Bali - It's a huge shame it got blown up. It was the starting point for all of my nights in Bali. Met some awesome people there... good memories.

Honourable Mentions
Moondyne Joes (Freo), Lakers (Thornlie), 3 Bears (Dunsborough), Settlers (Margaret River), Rosemount (North Perth).

You dream about beaches while I dream about owning pubs...

Not long now before it's all white sandy beaches and cold Aussie beer on tap.

The One-Bum-Wonder. x.


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