Saturday, November 06, 2004

Top 5 Tennis - It's banned in Queensland

Top 5 Natural Highs (that you have personally experienced)

1 - Giving Martin Wynne a blood nose in primary school. To this day it's the best punch I've thrown.

2 - Winning the 1500m at the inter-school carnival at Perry Lakes.

3 - Driving between Mukinbudin and Nungarin (don't you love Aussie place-names?) at 4.30am and having the full moon on the horizon on my right and the rising sun on the horizon on my left... awesome.

4 - Running the length of Thornlie Oval with my team-mates and our newly won cricket premiership flag... in the nude.

5 - Being at Ascot for the 1999 Melbourne Cup and having all of my money on the Perth horse; Rogan Josh. If it didn't win I was off home. But as it turned out the champers was on me for the rest of the day.

Top 5 Favourite Words

1 - Stuff - I love how it has multiple applications and can encompass and simplify very complicated ideas. Tacking "...and stuff" on to the end of a sentence can also be both explanatory and ambiguous.

2 - Choice - A very old favourite that I've found myself using a lot lately. I tend to use it when describing an event, situation or a state-of-mind that is better than satisfactory: "The band was choice, I had a choice time... and stuff".

3 - Cheers - A much better word than thanks. It can be used to sign off emails and text messages. It also has alcoholic connotations... which I like.

4 - Bicephalous - A word introduced to me by my politics lecturer. It means 'having two heads'. I try to work it in to as many sentences as possible... not an easy task, but one I relish.

5 - Free - Okay, so it's not all that flash on it's own, but put it in front of words such as these and it becomes one of the best words in the English language; beer, food, entry, alcohol etc etc.

The count down to your return has started... and not before time too, you're starting to sound like a 'right-proper-whinging-pom' and stuff.

I can't wait, it'll be choice to have you back.

'The very un-Paulish', Ledders. x


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