Saturday, November 13, 2004

White funeral day

  • More of my friends are single than married.
  • More of my friends are divorced than married.
  • I have three friends (plus myself) who broke engagements before the wedding (Kim did it twice!).
  • Of all my married friends, there's only a handful that I see regularly (and actually enjoy seeing them).

With these sobering facts in mind I'm about to get ready for my mate TKs wedding. With any luck he won't become another statistic, and he'll manage to still maintain some form of social life.

I've really only got myself to blame for this one... TK met his bride (Ros) at my sister Bek's going away party. He was in town from NSW and I literally dragged him there after cricket, which included dressing him for the night as he didn't have a change of clothes.

It was a goodnight from memory; Jules (my GF at the time) got wasted and locked herself in the toilet at one point, before passing out behind a lounge chair... fun times.

Anyway... today will be a great day if nothing else... TK & Ros have asked my Dad to be MC, he loves a microphone so he's really looking forward to it. I'm taking Liz (a girl I used to work with), she's no rocket scientist, but she's sexy as hell, has a great attitude and loves to party... I'm looking forward to it.

So it's off to the dry-cleaners to pick up the old suit...

Listening to Stevie Wonder - Song Review


At 6:35 pm, Blogger viva mandinah said...

More of your friends are single than married?


80% of my close friends are in couples and/or down the road of marriage and engagement. Scary. I need new friends or find a way of indirectly ruining their plans of babies and settledness.


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