Monday, December 20, 2004

Festive Cheer

'tis the season to get trolleyed.

Saturday night was drinks at the cricket club. All four of our sides won and everyone was in good spirits. There were kids everywhere (there's been a shitload of breeding going on in the last five years or so) and Santa made a visit. I made the mistake of skipping dinner, and as a result I got plastered and made a move on the new barmaid... I don't think I had much success, but that didn't stop me from ringing and waking her step-dad up at around midnight after I realised that she had left without saying goodbye. At least I had the sense not to drive home... I woke up Sunday morning in the front seat of my car (still in the carpark) with the sun burning holes in my already bloodshot eyes.

Luckily the hangover wore off in time for Chrissie drinks with friends at the Lucky Shag (a very under-rated bar which sits on Perth's Swan River). It was great to catch up with everyone before I head to NZ. It was the last time that I'll see Rob and Andrea for a while, as they move to Bendigo (Vic) on Boxing Day. And it's always great to catch up with Cliff and Rosa. It ended all to soon and apparently Nat and Glen showed up just after we all left.

I had today off, so I took my dog PeeDee to the beach and Freo, I'm deserting him over Christmas so I think it was a bit of a guilt trip. We ended up at Nat's place for a few bevvies and I met her new bubs Indya. She's cute as a button with big blue eyes and a 'she-mullet'.

I'm really starting to get excited about the trip...


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