Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Just call me "Bargain Basement Barry"

I don't do much shopping outside of alcohol and food shopping, so when I do it's a bit of an event. And today was the event to end all events:

  • One second hand coffee table (badly needed) from Anglicare - $20 - Bargain!
  • Two brand new pillows (the old ones are now in the bin) from Macro - $10 - Bargain!
  • Woody Guthrie - Dustbowl Ballads from WA Salvage - $9.95 - Bargain!
  • Nick Drake - Fine Leaves Left, The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia and Welcome to the Monkey House plus Goldfrapp - Black Cherry all from Galaxy (My local DVD rental and CD store) at $9.95 each less my 10% VIP discount - Bloody bargain to end all bargains!!!

I am "Bargain Basement Barry"!

I've got a date tonight with the chick that I met at my mate TKs wedding, so I think I'll lay off being a cheap bastard for the rest of the day...

Listening to: All the ridiculously cheap CDs that I picked up today.


At 8:44 pm, Blogger Tam said...

Cd selection: approved! I think I need to airlift your CD shop over here.

At 2:42 am, Blogger cotard said...

Thank you for your approval...

I'm actually heading to Auckland on the 22nd of this month, so I'll see if I can pop that CD store into my hand-luggage.


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