Saturday, December 04, 2004

Update List

What's happened this week...

  • Wednesday night date with Marylou went well. We went to the Queens for a bite to eat and Freya Hanly was playing which was lovely (I think Freya may think that I'm stalking her).
  • Second date is planned for tonight; dinner in Subi with a heap of her friends.
  • Thursday night was a catch up at Captain Stirlings with the politics crew from uni. It was a good night with lots of laughs, we ended up back at Zan's place where we managed to knock off a bottle of gin. Dave got pissed and came out of his shell a little... he's quite a funny guy. We met Zan's flatmate Jo, Denis and I agreed that she was very cute and smart to boot.
  • Friday arvo was a catch up with ex-housemate Sally who was celebrating the fact that she'd finally got her drivers licence. She's always a laugh, we watched Elf and drank heaps of stubbies. Harro came over after work and the beer drinking fest moved out onto the balcony.
  • Friday night was a continuation of the arvo, with Sally eventually heading off to see all of her gay mates who had organised a last minute party to celebrate her getting her licence. Harro and I moved on to the Como for a couple of pints where we felt very old. Have I mentioned how much I hate the Como? I want a new local.
  • Today it's off to the races with Harro before the big second date... move-making night.

Listening to Billy Bragg - Must I Paint You a Picture?


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