Friday, January 28, 2005

Lazy, Gutter, (Insert your own adjective here) Journalism

I would just like to reaffirm my detestation of Today Tonight.

I fuck'n hate it!

For the first time in a long time, I was at home during the commercial TV news and current affairs (term used begrudgingly) hour. I will admit (somewhat ashamedly) that I utilised this valuable couch time to catch up with the goings on in Ramsey Street.

During the commercial breaks I did what most 'couch jockeys' do; a bit of remote surfing. While surfing I was unfortunate enough to catch a snippet of two Today Tonight 'stories' (again, term used begrudgingly).

Story # 1:
Basically a commercial for a 'revolutionary' new acne cream, complete with testimonials from previously pimpled teen gits... Is this current affairs? How much were Today Tonight paid to 'break' this supposed story? What was in it for the kids giving the testimonials? Am I being too cynical?

Story # 2:
Predictions for 2005 from a bunch of 'clairvoyants'. Gems such as; "John Howard will have health problems" and "The Israeli PM will have a tough year". A-fuck'n-mazing, who woulda thunk it? To close this complete non-story, it was stated that none of the 'expert predictors' saw the Asian tsunami coming... and yes, they made this statement over the top of footage of people losing their lives on Indonesian beaches... I mean, why not? I'm sure those people would love to have the last moments of their lives associated with a story about 'fruit-loops in head-scarves' predicting celebrity break-ups.

Monica Kos, how do you sleep at night?

Listening to: Lleyton Hewitt v Any Roddick on ABC radio, because channel 7 has no concept of live sport, and besides, we wouldn't want anyone to miss Today Tonight now... would we?


At 8:54 am, Blogger Jay said...

Too funny.
I think 80% of TV is like that.

At 6:30 pm, Blogger Melika said...

Are you back at uni this year?
If so, what units are you doing?
If not, what are you doing?


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