Monday, February 28, 2005

Post election post

It's Monday morning and I'm getting ready for the return to uni.

The break is too long, I'm beginning to think that my brain is starting to rot. I haven't had to use it since early November. I just hope it doesn't fail me today.

I worked at a polling booth on Saturday for the state election. Usually I'd be excited by such things, but this election campaign was negative and terrible from both sides. In the end it came down to the party that didn't lose, because neither deserved to win.

I worked from 7am to 10pm. It was an interesting experience though. The booth I worked at was right next to Brownlie Towers, a major planning disaster from the 70s, which is home to high crime rates, low (or no) income earners, non-English speakers and some very interesting characters indeed. If it wasn't for the vast array of people that came through the door, I think I would have been bored out of my skull.

The highlight of the day was the vote-count. Many, many people had written all manner of obscenities on their ballot papers, but the winner of the day was the person that added a box for; Simpson, Homer before marking a 1 in it.

Went to the wonderful Verandah last night with Sally to see Holly Golightly. She put on a great show. It was an awesome setting, the notorious Perth wind was blowing a gale and playing havoc with the smoke machine and Holly's hair. We sat back in one of the many purple comfy couches that were supplied and managed to work through a couple of bottles of cab-merlot... a Sunday night treat.

Listening to: The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots


At 1:50 pm, Blogger mintox said...

Yes I agree, normally I have so much to think about and whinge about during a lead up to an election.

However this was just so lame. A case of which party sucked less. Politics has just become marketing and it's sooo friggin sad.

PS Kudos on listening to The Flaming Lips

At 4:49 am, Blogger Jessie said...

Ooh, Holly Golightly! Cool.. she's only doing an Auckland show here, I think :(

At 4:27 am, Blogger Jessie said...

I was wrong - Holly is playing Wellington! What do you think? Should I go?

At 5:30 am, Blogger cotard said...

Hmmm... your call on this one. I quite liked the show, it was a bit bluesy (which I wasn't expecting) and her band are all solid musicians.

She's quite a quirky lass and her between song banter is entertaining, as are a lot of her lyrics, but I wouldn't call it a "must see" show.


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