Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sport is destroying my social life

It's not something I've discussed much on here, but I'm a bit of (oh okay, a lot of) a sports-nut. I usually hide it well. I'm aware that most of my peers aren't into sport and I respect that. I treat it like a 'religion', and I only discuss it with those that share my 'religion', sparing all of those sporting atheists from my preachy sporty-sermons.

But I digress... My summer sport of choice is cricket (that's a complicated, long and boring version of baseball for any North American readers). Since New Years I have played cricket every Saturday (all day) and on three Sundays (all day). I have missed BBQs, Sunday sessions, boozy lunches, and more recently; The Big Day Out (not happy Jan!!!).

As a result of this excessive cricketing, my social life is dying a miserable death. I haven't been on one date so far this year, I haven't seen most of my friends since before Christmas, and I have had to turn down invites to all manner of events.

I love my cricket, and most of the guys that I play with, but I'm not sure how much longer I can deprive myself of social interaction in the name of sport... roll on winter.

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