Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Bang a gong, we are on"

As the crazy Japanese man bites into the golden capsicum (I just love Iron Chef), I bring you an overdue post.

Between uni and work, there has been very little time for fun and frivolity (and other such post-worthy stuff).

What has been happening:

  • Saw "Walk on Water" at Somerville on Wednesday night with Nicole. Awesome movie. Heaps of contentious issues covered.
  • Worked Thursday morning thru to Friday night (yawn).
  • Switched to Firefox on Friday night (I told you it's been a slow week).
  • Beers, pool and rugby watching with Harro this afternoon at The Windsor.
  • Looking forward to Cat Empire at The Paddo tomorrow night with Rox and Harro.
Watching: SBS - Iron Chef


At 11:19 am, Blogger Blondie said...

A great movie, with a 2-pot slurring lush! ;)


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