Monday, March 07, 2005

The Pointless List

The bands in my Media Player that start with The:

The Automasters
The Avenues
The Beatles
The Beautiful Girls
The Birthday Party
The Black Crowes
The Breeders
The Bunblebeez
The Cat Empire
The Chevelles
The Clash
The Dandy Warhols
The Dearhunters
The Easybeats
The Fergusons
The Flaming Lips
The Go-Betweens
The Morning After Girls
The Necks
The Panics
The Reels
The Saints
The Sex Pistols
The Shins
The Sleepy Jackson
The Specials
The Stone Roses
The Strokes
The Sundays
The Velvet Underground
The Vines
The Waifs
The Wallflowers
The White Stripes

See... I told you it was pointless.

Listening to: The Go-Betweens - Bellavista Terrace


At 11:10 am, Blogger mintox said...

DUDE!!! I so get what youre saying.. shit i should stop talking in my hybrid Bill and Teds/late 90s teen movie speak.

I'm forever fixing my play list and wondering if I should move certain bands from The **** to just ****.

Then you get bands where youre not sure if they are called THE *** because people refer to them as that or not, case in point, Doves, many people call them The Doves but theyre actually Doves.

At 1:38 pm, Blogger cotard said...

Cool... so you're saying I had a point after all...

"The Point"... is that name already taken? I reckon it'd work:

"I love 'The Point'".

"Well I don't, their songs have no meaning"

"Your problem is you just don't get 'The Point'"
etc. etc.

At 4:01 pm, Blogger Jay said...

No The The?

Can we say overused much?

At 12:25 am, Anonymous jen said...

I've only got six of those. No wonder I only got one song in the song game. I do, however have "The The".

Oh, and a bit of The Billy Bragg :)

At 12:54 pm, Blogger Loz said...

You did as earlier pointed out by Jen, you totally forgot "THE THE". What a huge error. Every good cd collection should at least hold a copy of "Infected"! Please tell me you have a copy!!

At 4:27 pm, Blogger cotard said...

Guilty as charged... I'm not "Infected".

I offer no excuses in my defence.

At 8:01 am, Blogger Loz said...

Well quick, go to 78's and get a copy. That will make us all feel better and I bet you will become a fan too!


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