Monday, March 28, 2005

RIP Paul Hester

Italian Plastic

I bring you plates from Rome
You say they look fantastic
I say we're having fun
Nothing like that Italian plastic

I bring you rocks and flowers
You say they look pathetic
You pick me up at night
I don't feel pathetic

When you wake up with me
I'll be your glass of water
When you stick up for me
Then you're my Bella Bambina

I say we're on a trip
Looks like we're on vacation
I say we're having fun
In our little constellation

Then I'll be your Bella Bambino, your man on the moon,
I'll be your little boy running with that egg on his spoon,
I'll be your soul survivor, your worst wicked friend,
I'll be your piggy in the middle, stick with you till the end


Paul was the craziest "Crowdie", an amazing sense of humour and a true showman.

The first concert that I ever went to was Crowded House at the Entertainment Centre in Perth in 1986. An amazing concert for a band that at that stage had only released one album.

Paul (ever the showman), hated missing out on the attention that Neil and Nick were getting, so he brought half of his drum-kit to the front of the stage and performed most of the concert from there; front and centre. It became somewhat of a trademark.

RIP Paul Hester.

Listening to: Crowded House - Recurring Dream


At 10:11 pm, Anonymous jen said...

Well, that sucks.

Crowded house is one of my favourite bands ever. I do envy the fact that you have seen them live.

At 10:27 pm, Blogger cotard said...

It does suck.

I was only 13 or so, but I still remember it vividly.

There were two things about the concert that stuck out (other than Paul playing drums front of stage).

They had a door prize... during the encore they announced a door prize and called out the winning number (based on entrance tickets). The winner won a door... a big green wooden door... they didn't kid, it was a door prize alright!

Secondly, it was the first time that I heard "Throw Your Arms Around Me". I can still remember Neil's exact introduction: "This is a song that Nick's brother's band does..." It was an amazing rendition of an amazing song by an amazing band... such vivid memories nearly 20 years down the track...

Why Paul, why?

At 3:20 am, Blogger lanners said...

I was so sad. Crowded House provided the soundtrack to some pretty fun (and intoxicated) moments in my life.

RIP Paul, may your drumkit in the afterlife resonate loudly.


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