Monday, April 04, 2005

Eleven "fucks"!!!

To recap:
I've taken to counting the number of times my lecturer uses the word fuck (or any of its derivatives) in our three hour Monday lecture. I thought eight (his previous record) was a good effort, but today he outdid himself. After a measly two in the lecture prior to Easter, he came back better than ever... eleven "fucks!!! Not to mention; countless "roots", a handful of "bastards", and at least five "sluts".

It might have had something to do with the theme of the lecture which was "Sex and Civilisation: Australia in the 19th Century", but I think the guy just likes to swear.

I'm intrigued to see where he goes from here. I'm thinking of designing a certificate with his semester tally and presenting it to him at the final lecture...

Listening to: Cocteau Twins - Stars and Topsoil


At 4:44 am, Blogger Melina said...

Maybe he has tourette's syndrome?

At 2:35 am, Blogger cotard said...

It's a possibility... but then it makes my game less fun. Isn't it wrong to derive enjoyment from those with mental health issues?


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