Friday, April 08, 2005

Just bury the old bugger, he's starting to smell.

I couldn't let the Pope's death and funeral go by without offending anyone. So straight from the cartoon on my fridge to you:

Says Catholic Priest to lesbian:

"I'm sorry but there's no room in the church for lesbians... Have you considered converting to pedophilia?"

Before you flood me with complaints, it's not my own work. I clipped this cartoon some time ago from the editorials page of The Australian... whinge to them.

If I could get Hello to work I'd upload an image of it. Got it.

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At 5:37 pm, Blogger Jay said...

I was worried about the smell too, he's open-air and everything, but then, he was so old, he was probably already pickled.

At 9:51 pm, Anonymous jen said...

I'm not offended, try again.

At 2:51 am, Blogger Phillip said...

do you know i think my blog got added to some anti-heretical spanish blog. i couldn't tell what language it was in.

At 4:12 am, Blogger Melina said...

I think they have the Pope on Ice...kind of like Disney on Ice except without the skates and fancy footwork. PS I think this comment was more offensive than your post ;)

At 8:40 am, Blogger cotard said...

phizz, I didn't know... but I'm 'god-damned' jealous. Everyone knows Australians are godless heathens, I want to be hated by Spanish religious nuts too.

Oh, and Melina, thanks for leaving me with a fantastic image of a rotting Pope being dragged around an ice-rink on skates "Weekend at Bernies" style... that should get me through the day with a smile on my face.

At 3:11 am, Anonymous John Smith said...

I have tertiary syphilis.


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