Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The girl from Saturday night

I know some people want some sort of clarification on my brief post where I mentioned a particular 'nice girl' that I met at my friend's engagement party. Well I'm not really sure what to say... but I'll try (in the only way I know how - point form):

Background information
  • It was a huge day for me. I've been a bit of a hermit lately, so I tried to make up for it in a 24 hour period... and I gave it one hell of a shake.
The Lunch
  • I'd arranged to meet three male friends for lunch at a swanky wine bar in Mt Lawley (Must). I had actually won a voucher from RTR worth $200 and I thought it'd be a great way to catch up with some good friends that I'd been neglecting for quite some time.
  • The lunch was awesome, the wine was fantastic (but fuck'n expensive), and I think the guys really enjoyed themselves... I know I did.
  • The bill easily tipped over the $200 value of the voucher; even with the free cheese platter and desert wine, which was a nice touch, the bill came to $315. But the guys didn't mind helping me cover the extra.
The Afternoon Period
  • All of us were going to the engagement party, so a couple of the guys went home to ready themselves, while I went back to Sherro's place and we carried on with a few more beers (I convinced him that stopping for a few hours was a bad idea).
  • As the evening drew closer, so did an amazing storm. So for a couple of hours we sat out the back of Sherro's place talking shit, drinking beer, and watching the most amazing lightning show...
The Actual Party
  • We arrived at the party at about 8pm and I was already in a very festive mood.
  • I did my best to catch up with as many friends as possible, and even some of Roxy's family.
  • The lady taking the food trays around took a shine to me, so whenever she had a tray of oysters, she made a b-line straight for me... I think I would have got through about 18 on the night (to go with the 1/2 dozen I had as an entree for lunch - for a student I have expensive taste).
  • The party was at a hall, and therefore had to wind up at midnight... the time seem to fly.
  • At this point I was yet to meet the girl.
The Pub
  • After a few goodbyes, and knocking back the offer of a lift back to Sherro's and a bed for the night (where all of my stuff was), it was off to a dodgy pub with Harro (yes all of my male mates have nicknames that end in 'o') and a few others to kick on some more.
  • I'd been going for 12 hours now, and I think it was starting to show.
  • I flirted with Vicki, an ex-housemate of Roxys. She's a Kiwi girl with the most amazing smile and sparkling eyes... but she's not really my type.
  • The pub shut at about oneish... I think... things started to get a bit vague at this point.
The After Party Party
  • A short cab ride back to Roxy's and we found the after-party in full swing.
  • I don't think Harro stayed long.
  • I had a nice chat with a friend of my ex that I hadn't seen for ages. She cleared some stuff up for me, and paid me some lovely compliments, putting a bigger smile on my dial.
  • Rox insisted that I have half an E... I was in no position to refuse.
  • Things getting vague now...
  • Met some new people...
  • Lot's of people were in many distorted states...
  • Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves...
  • Alcohol and drugs flowing...
  • This is where it gets a touch corny... but it's how I remember it... how it actually happened may be totally different...
  • I found myself looking across the table into the eyes of the girl. I can't remember her from earlier in the night. We held each others gaze for what seemed like ages, before swapping big cheesy smiles... she had amazing eyes.
  • It seemed like a while before we actually got talking... I forget who actually introduced us.
  • Anyway, the conversation was lively, we had heaps in common... especially music... I was totally intrigued by this girl.
  • Before too long (at her request) we disappeared into the games-room to play some pool and chat some more... sadly I can't remember much of the detail of the discussion, although I do remember laughing... a lot!
  • This part of the night flew... then the sun came up... there was still about 15-20 people going hard.
  • I snuck away and passed out for a couple of hours... it'd been a long day...
The Morning After
  • While I was asleep, apparently everyone had gone to clean up the hall.
  • They were back by the time I woke up... it was 10:30am.
  • As I was wiping the sleep from my eyes and getting my bearings, I saw the girl leaving... apparently her taxi had arrived.
  • We didn't speak... we just exchanges smiles.
The Sunday
  • Getting home was a mission.
  • Sherro had to go to work, so he left my car keys under his doormat... but all of my toiletries and stuff was inside.
  • It was a long, slow drive home.
  • Much of the day spent on the couch, asleep.
  • Harro took me back to Sherro's at about 6pm to get my stuff... I was still suffering.
The Aftermath
  • Despite my seediness, I had a funny feeling in my tummy, you know... the good funny feeling that you sometimes get in the early stages of a relationship...
  • Nothing physical actually happened... but I'm sort of glad in a way... I don't think I would have been in any state for action...
  • I might have just imagined it... but I think the girl and I made a connection.
  • The down-side is; I know very little about her.
  • The good news is; I've got Roxy on the case.
  • She's reporting back later in the week with a 'dossier'.
  • Roxy is quite possibly the best wing-man I've got. She's a good friend of 15 years plus who genuinely wants to see me happy... fingers crossed.
It might be nothing... it might be something... time will tell...

More information as it comes to hand.

Footnote: Why do I think this post is very Melina-ish?


At 12:19 am, Blogger Melina said...

It is very me!! Quite possibly because it involves drunken tomfoolery, someone of the opposite sex, questions of whether or not you imagined a connection and last but not least--a friend on the case (a friend of many, many years). Yes, sadly, you've become me. Hopefully Roxy will have some good news for you!

At 1:11 pm, Blogger Jessie said...

Fingers crossed for you!

At 8:57 am, Blogger miss wendy said...

thank you, the point form is an excellent way to interact... perhaps you can use it at the altar? this is an excellent commentary.. a very fulfilling expose of your experience.. and very enjoyable to read.. as I said I have a very unusual interest in seeing people living well and happy!! Go Paul!

At 10:37 am, Blogger Blondie said...

I tried posting a comment yesterday saying yippee and I hope it works out but blog threw me out playing silly buggers yesterday. It's nice to see that guys can be soppy sometimes too :) She'll be a lucky girl ;)


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