Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm not dead

The past week has been really shitty, aside from one highlight which I'll post about later.

I've been snowed under with work plus assignments for uni. Additionally, I've been in a really depressed state, not sleeping and feeling generally pissed off with the world, so I thought that it'd be best not to share too much of the negativity, hence the complete lack of posts. I'm really missing a couple of close friends who now live interstate, and not having them around last week made things even harder.

Anyway, enough of that, I'm sure things are on the up, and normal transmissions will be resumed shortly...

Listening to: Art of Fighting - Second Storey

Especially Busted, Broken, Forgotten:

if you're looking for a good thing
if you're looking for a clean heart
looking over this way

is not a very good start

been hanging on an old line
been living in a fixed time
been sticking to the same moves

and now i'm busted broken forgotten
old and worn and used
it's ok i know it now
and there's nothing like the truth

in anything that i can still do
in anything that i can still be
if there's a part of me that's still true
it's trying to promise what i cannot prove

so in the daylight you will see me
as not a definite or real thing
just as a shadow left to shifting

now that i'm busted broken forgotten
lost beyond all use
it's ok i know it now
and there's nothing like it

false signs and faulty lines well they may be excused

but how will time forgive me all the damage that they'll do?

so baby i'm leaving yeah i'm packing up and moving away
you'll never see me the broken boy is leavin' today
and you'll never find me from the the pieces scattered all along the way
cause they're bound to fade

now that i'm busted broken forgotten

lost beyond all use
it's ok i know it now
and there's nothing like the truth

It's a song that I've related to a lot over the past week or so.


At 9:05 am, Blogger Blondie said...

Hm I mightn't be an old friend, but a new friend is better than staying alone when you're feeling shitty? maybe it's the threatened ass-whooping in scrabble that threw you off ;) (joke). Glad to hear things are on the up.

At 9:56 am, Blogger Jay said...

I hope things start climbing upwards for you again, and soon. You deserve it buddy, cheer up.

At 9:17 am, Blogger Melina said...

I'm glad you're not dead. I was a little worried at first, and I was getting sick of the Pope joke...I stopped back and read it 99 times! You'll perk up in no time pumpkin. I don't know what it is but we've almost all had a "down in the dumps" post in the past few days...weird.

At 4:35 pm, Blogger miss wendy said...

Sorry to hear you've been less than your usual sparkling self. As someone who tends to the up and down emotional state of living though I must say it's a relief to know that it also happens to you on occasion.
Although this blogg of yours is the crucial turning point for many of us in the 'days of our lives' so lucky you are on the mend..
Are you physically ok? Sometimes I find with people who are usually chirpy that a down turn can sometimes indicate the beginning of a bout of some bug or other..
There's a nasty flu thing being freely shared over this side of the continent at the moment..
Again glad to hear you are coming up like a little flower, you are cared about and deserve a love and light filled existence.


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