Saturday, June 04, 2005

Girl news

An update on "the girl from a couple of weeks ago":

My 'wing-team' is failing to come up with the goods. I'll be seeing them tonight so I'll be sure to find out exactly what the situation is.

I do have a name and phone number though, so I might just have to fly solo and see what happens.

Oddly enough, the girl in question was pictured in this weeks X-Press, so I have technically seen her again...

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At 10:12 pm, Anonymous tmz_99 said...

I really have to try this wingman stuff out.. works better then solo you say?

At 2:57 am, Blogger Jay said...

Hah. I was just teaching my husband about this wingman stuff. He and I have been together foreva, so he's kind of oblivious, but all his friends are single and needy, so I'm teaching him how to lure the girls in. Unfortunately, my hubby is gorgeous, so it's kind of like false bait, but anyway, he's learning.

Hope things pan out for you, but remember: women always appreciate a little hello, and if you can do it on your own, all the better.

At 6:59 pm, Blogger Melina said...

Call her! What do you have to lose?


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