Saturday, June 04, 2005

Positive about politicians

I've been bagging various members of the Liberal front bench for a while now, so to restore some sort of politician-bashing balance I present:

My Top 5 favourite federal politicians

1) Petro Georgiou - I admire him for his stand against his own party on the issue of mandatory detention, and I'm praying that his stance will inspire some of his fellow Liberals not to just 'roll over' in the Senate on matters such as industrial relations, voluntary student unionism and media ownership laws.

2) Aden Ridgeway - His voice on indigenous issues will be missed when he loses his seat at the end of the month. He is quite possibly the only federal politician in the past five years who has made any sense when talking about matters that affect Aboriginal Australians.

3) Bob Brown - With the Democrats ceasing to be a political force federally, Brown is now the leader of the only left-of-centre party in Australian politics. Highly principled and ready to fight for what he believes.

4) Julia Gillard - I loved the way she took it up to Abbott (click the link for a giggle) in the lead up to the 2004 election. A good speaker who thinks on her feet. Possible leadership contender should Kimbo fail to turn the party around.

5) Kevin Rudd - Fast becoming a new favourite. He makes a lot of sense speaking about Australia's relationships with its neighbours. He beats Downer (who is becoming a bigger embarrassment to Australia with each passing day) by the length of the straight.

I was going to include Peter Garrett, but would have been more for his work with Midnight Oil and the Nuclear Disarmament Party than his current incarnation as a Labor backbencher.

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