Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Q & A Time


Where have I been?


Nowhere really.

My sister was over from Adelaide for a week.

I worked a couple of days for dad.

And today I finally finished my fuck'n politics essay on whether the 1990 Australian federal election was a 'realigning' election or not. For the record it was a 'dealignment' election, but I had to say that in 3000 words.


Did I do anything fun in the last week?


I went out with my sister and her friends to see Freya Hanly perform in a heat of 'The Next Big Thing' at the Rosemount. There were three or four great acts including Thread, who have a fantastic song getting some radio play on JJJ called We Gave Colour Away. But Freya won on the night... woohoo!!!


Can anyone save the Australian Cricket team from further embarrassment in England?


Well if anyone can...


Can anyone explain Laurie Ferguson's actions over the last couple of days?


Flutey can...

Amanda Vanstone and Laurie Ferguson: Separated at birth?

I can feel a Shadow Ministry reshuffle in the wind...


Is there any chance that the British Lions can beat the All Blacks?



(Sorry Bob)

Listening to: Kate Bush - The Whole Story


At 8:05 am, Blogger sikamikanico said...

Did you see The Glasshouse last night?

Will anderson made the comment on the four renegade backbenchers being called "political terrorists" saying "what are they going to do, fly planes into Amanda Vanstone? But she'd be like King Kong, swatting them away."

You seem to have something of a Vanstone obsession. I'm the same with Dick Cheney. Disturbing. I don't know why.

At 4:01 pm, Blogger bob francisco said...

keep dreaming.
Bring on the first test.
im going to be even more smug when we demolish your "team" at the weekend.


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