Thursday, June 09, 2005

That jacket

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'd be aware of the now infamous Russell Crowe 'phone-throwing-tanty'.

Now we all know that he'll just throw some money at the poor bastard that copped his phone-wrath and keep his angry ass out of the slammer - although the thought of him being someones bitch appeals to me; I can see Bubba now - pumping away, "Now that's what I call 30-Odd Foot of Grunt movie boy!"

But I digress - my question is; what is the fuck'n deal with that fuck'n jacket?!? He appears at the Kostya Tszyu fight in Manchester wearing it, a few hours later he is wearing it as the cops escort him away from the hotel, then a day or so later he's wearing it on Letterman.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to notice this...

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At 3:10 am, Anonymous bronte said...

hi, normally im a lurker, but i think my hours avoiding study (mmmm daytime tv) can help here...

i think i heard (after the whole lindsay lohan attempted murder by paparazzi thing) that big russ purposely does this so that all his paparazzi pics are the same and boring and therefore worth much less than other stars... therefore avoiding being stalked??

(bear in mind, theres a good chance im making this up hehe :D )

either that or he purposely spread that rumour to attract attention away from the fact hes an unfashionable tightarse

At 9:29 am, Blogger Tam said...

Foighting around the world!

The jacket is a promotional one for his movie Cinderella Man, I believe. He's nothing if not brilliantly tacky, our Russ.

At 10:11 am, Blogger cotard said...


I read a comment on another blog (I forget where... sorry) that Russell is innocent and that Australians should boycott New York.

Oh, how I laughed.

At 11:32 am, Blogger viva mandinah said...

Boycott New York? uh huh! That is ridiculous. Boycott Indonesia... Boycott New York... what next?

I did notice Russ' jacket too. It really grated on my nerves. Maybe it's like that Seinfeld episode - where the chick wears the same dress. Maybe Russ hasn't reached the end of his laundry cycle.


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