Thursday, July 28, 2005

I need answers...

  • Why does the water always taste better out of the bathroom tap compared to the kitchen tap?
  • Is it socially acceptable to fart out loud in front of others while in a public toilet?

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At 5:27 pm, Anonymous tmz_99 said...

It's becasue the taps in the kitchen are generally pollted by bits of food and other debris that inadvertantly lands in them in their lifetime, and grows..

At 7:54 am, Blogger ozbhoy said...

I believe that a very loud fart is acceptable in nearly any social situation (perhaps not funerals)
as long as it is followed by a witty one liner.

"Sew a button on that"

"A little more choke and it would have started"

And well as for the public toilet, I think it is carte blanche.
If ever there was a specific spot designed for letting rip then this it.


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