Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Too good to not steal

Stolen from the marvellous Herge.

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"If you're Asian, or a bit whatsit - cap in yo' ass!"

Check the rest of his post on the British 'terrorist' shooting here.

Flutey has also picked up on a rather worrying and obscure comment from our very own globe-trotting Little Johnny. Apparently we have "appropriate policies" when it comes do dealing with our own potentially-dodgy brown people.

These "appropriate policies" sound like they are in line with anti-terrorism legislation that requires people suspected of having terrorism links to prove that they do not know anything. As soon as someone figures out how to prove that they don't know something that they're suspected of knowing, without being told what they're suspected of knowing, please let me know, because it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. Clarke and Dawe do there best to work through it here.

If anyone should be required to prove that they do not know something that the majority of Australians suspect her of knowing, it's my mate Mandy Vanstone. I mean, if she really is that far removed from her department that she has not been 'directly' involved its countless cock-ups, then surely clearly she's not doing an adequate job.

Barista has highlighted yet another cover-up from within DIMIA, a cover-up that further illustrates the need for a full inquiry into the running of the department, where witnesses can be called and names and faces put to these cock-ups.

The mongrels control the Senate now, things can only get worse.

Is anyone prepared to bet against that fact that Rupert Murdoch's recent sycophantic display towards Little Johnny will be repaid with some sparkling new media ownership legislation? Not me.


At 10:18 am, Anonymous tmz_99 said...

well they hardly ever take useless laws away do they?*sigh* it jsut turns into more and mroe of a police state/country...


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