Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Who knows? Jens knows.

She worked in my postoffice.
In my zip code, in my postal area.

I don't think we should reveal her name.

She'll remain anonymous, we can call her Maria.

I met her at university.

She stared at me, I stared right back at her.

We went out for a coffee or two.

It all felt new, I can tell you.
But she turned out to be a psychogirl.

They all fall for me psychogirls.

They are drawn to me, mysteriously.
I don't know why.
Just turn around now psychogirl.

I can't be your guy, I can't dry your tears from your eyes.

She sent me an SMS.
But it felt for like an SOS, a cry for help.

I know your life has been a mess.

You cried yourself to sleep as a child.
In your mommy's dress and your summerdress.

But stop following me psychogirl.

I have enough problems to deal with on my own.
Just turn aroud now psychogirl.
Your eyes are like knives, cutting in to my walls.

And if I'd be your psychologist, who would be the psychologist's psychologist?

If I'd be your psychologist, who would be the psychologist's psychologist?
If I'd be your psychologist, who would be the psychologist's psychologist?

Psychogirl -
from the Jens Lekman album When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog

There's a story to go with it... but I think Jens's words have covered it.


At 9:40 pm, Anonymous tmz_99 said...

I know the feeling.. sometimes it seems like all the women in WA are either attached or with issues, Im sure all the good women share that opinion about guys however.:P

At 9:25 am, Blogger Blondie said...

tmz - I think most women I know could say that any men they've met in the past few years have had a few issues of their own... and at least 2 I've met in the past year have been outright FREAKS (one borderline stalkerish). Otherwise the standard "I'm not over my ex leaving me.." or "xyz happened to me and I'm still not over it" or "I'm not happy in what I'm doing, where I live..etc" who wants to be someone's parent!

At 10:50 am, Anonymous bronte said...

meh... crazy can still be fun (well, not violent crazy but i guess some ppl are into that as well so horses for courses) anyhoo before the tangent overtakes and i forget why i was writing...

there are plenty of non-attached, non-issued crazy women in wa, its just that a lot of them are perfectly happy staying single

(that said, there are a hella lotta psychos also :D)

and yes paul once again here is evidence of my indecisivenoncomittalness :P


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