Sunday, August 21, 2005

My brain hurts

I'm into the second day of - what I can only hope is - a two day hangover.

Details are sketchy, but I will attempt some sort of timeline of events.


11am - After deciding to skip uni because I hadn't prepared for a tutorial, I get a text from Denis asking if I want to catch up for a couple of beers at the tav.

12noon - I arrive at the tav and buy a jug as I wait for Denis.

12:15pm - Denis arrives and we engage in some 'catch up' small-talk and plow through some jugs.

1:30pm - We discover that a heat of the National Campus Bands comp is being held. We decide to stay and take the piss out of the various acts.

3:30pm - Denis decides that the last band are his favourite. This despite the fact that they obviously entered as a joke. They were blood awful but got the best crowd response, including a dancing Denis, who later approached them to play at his band's CD launch.

4pm - We are now well and truly pissed, and we decide to make a night of it.

4:30pm - Back to my place for more beer and some homemade pizzas.

7pm - Back to the tav for Snowblown... some sort of uni club bash. We were way too early.

7:10pm - To the Waterford for more beer and pool.

7:12pm - Discover that the Waterford does $8 jugs.

7:13pm - Buy $8 jug.

7:20pm - Put up a challenge on pool table.

7:23pm - Discover that the 'champ' of the table is a loud-mouthed American who insists on playing 'American rules'.

7:35pm - Beat loud-mouthed American.

7:36pm - Loud-mouthed American wants to play for money.

7:45pm - Beat loud-mouthed American again, and this time take his money.

7:46pm - Loud-mouthed American leaves, only a lot less louder now.

7:50pm - More jugs and games of pool with Denis.

9pm - Remember that we were going to go to the thing at the uni tav.

9:05pm - Go to the thing at the uni tav.

9:10pm - Discover that the thing at the uni tav is a flop with only about 30 people in attendance.

9:11pm - Decide we'd still go in as long as we didn't have to pay ($15).

9:12pm - Brazenly walk straight in without paying.

9:14pm - Get chatting to the Guild prez and vice-prez.

9:16pm - Think the vice-prez is rather cute.

9:20pm - Turn my back for a second and discover Denis is now chatting to the vice-prez... bugger.

9:30pm - Get chatting to a girl I had a class with two years ago.

9:32pm - Think girl I had a class with two years ago is rather cute.

9:45pm - Discover the vice-prez has a boyfriend.

Note: From this point everything becomes vague.

10pm - I think I tried to dance.

11pm - Denis convinced me it was time to go... I think.

12midnight - Denis drives us to the Amplifier... in my car.

Midnight-4am - $5 pints and more pool. I seem to remember we won a lot of games of pool. I think I ended up kissing someone. I think Denis rescued me as I wouldn't have kissed this girl if I was sober.

I think I had a good night.

I woke up at about 11am Saturday... threw up and went back to bed.

Got up again at 5pm... and threw up again.

I still haven't left the flat.

I have to drive all night tonight... I hope the remnants of this hangover-from-hell are gone by then.

Listening to: Mazzy Star - So Tonight that I Might See.


At 1:14 pm, Blogger Blondie said...

*laughing* wow what a good friend to save you from a ghastly "chew your arm off" experience. ;)


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