Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I heart RTR.

To prove my heartness for them, I subscribe every year.

I used to be a gold subscriber, but that was before I became a born-again-student.

This year's subscription effort earned me cds from Primal Scream and The Mars Volta... yay!

If you're a Perthvert and appreciate quality radio and local music and stuff, then subscribe... go on... now... if you're still reading this you're not subscribing... oh, you don't know the number? It's 08 9260 9210... ring it!

If you're not in Perth you can listen here... so there are no excuses.


At 12:11 pm, Blogger ozbhoy said...

Hear hear!

I subscribe to the local community radio station in Brissie 4ZZZ and think that anyone that is into local music and doesn't support their local station is a bum. Pure and simple.


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