Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kurds, Birds and Airport Security Turds

Thursday night: Up until 3:30am working on a tutorial presentation for Middle Eastern History. I attempted to tackle the complete history of the Kurds in Iraq. I think I bit off more than I could chew... trying to compress 3000 years of history into 20 minutes proved too difficult. I got as far as 1990 before I pulled the pin. I figured that the rest was within recent memory and didn't need rehashing.

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Kurdish politician Mulla Mustafa Barzani

Friday morning: Red-eyed and over-tired I gave my Kurdish presentation, it was well received and led to a healthy discussion... I was stoked. I also got extensions on all my overdue uni shit... and there's a bit of it. It was such a relief, it was as though all my stressing out was over nothing. My politics lecturer even asked me if I was interested in doing some 'paid' research work for him. I was taken aback by the offer, but told him that I can't really commit to anything until I get through the rest of the semester.

Friday afternoon: Mundane chores including getting some washing in off the line. While I was bringing in my washing I was being stalked around the garden by a curious Kookaburra. I reckon he was itching for me to do something dumb so he could laugh at me. He even waited for me to come back out and take his picture:

Friday evening: I went out to the airport to pick up my uncle. He was in Perth for the night, en route from NZ to South Africa to watch the Kiwi cricket team, before heading to the UK to follow the All Blacks tour.

I can't believe the new screening process at the domestic terminal. I was only there to pick someone up and I had to hand over my wallet, keys and phone for scanning, and of course I still made the machine beep. So it was off with the belt... how degrading. Again with the beep. "Sir can you take your shoes off and walk through again?"... how fucking degrading! I even had a hole in my sock! By now I was fuming, "Where the hell is my phone and wallet?!".

So finally I get through, sans shoes and belt, to be reunited with my valuables and get a chance to get dressed again... all this out in the open in a busy terminal. While putting my shoes I was still venting my frustrations quite loudly, "fuck'n John Howard fuck'n police state, what a fuck'n disgrace, it's the beard isn't it, these machines are fuck'n beardist!"


At 12:46 pm, Blogger Steph said...

I always set the beeper thing off. And the last time i travelled they stopped me for a freakin Gun residue test!WTF? I have never been near a gun in my entire life! ASSHATS!

At 3:23 pm, Anonymous tmz_99 said...

Being a frequent domestic traveller I don't really mind the precautions so much. I do get a lot more pissed off when travelling internationaly. I obviously fit somet tourist/drug smuggler/terrorist profile, as I get searched every time. Even my wallet.. bah.
One would think that real drug smugglers or terrorists would try to look NOT like their stereotypes.. so maybe it's a compliment I keep getting stopped "Sir, you're the most honest looking person here, we must stop and search you".

At 3:57 pm, Blogger Zézette said...

I've been singled out for special attention on international flights, too. It involved emptying everything out of my bag, which turned up an interesting and frankly embarrassing array of old bandaids, chocolate wrappers, balled-up tissues and unidentifiable crap. They even ran a mini vacuum cleaner around the inside of my shoes. I flattered myself that it was I looked really dangerous, but just shifty and malcontent is more likely, I guess.

As wearisome as the security measures are here, be grateful we don't have the same routine as the States: fingerprinting, mug shot, 20 barked questions and liberal doses of "I could have your ass over a barrel any damn time I choose" attitude. Oh, and tobacco chewing.

At 8:14 pm, Blogger cotard said...

I understand a certain level of security for travellers... but I wasn't going anywhere. I was just picking up someone who was on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Perth.

What was I going to do? Storm the plane and attack the pilot with my belt buckle?

At 10:43 pm, Blogger Sponge Bob Hot Pants said...

Poor thing, when do you get to have a good day??

Does anyone feel like a little kid when they fly. They have taken all our sharp object and corners away. And how in the hell do we get to have sex in those toilets. I have trouble going by myself.

Couldn't bloody start a fight in those seats anyway there is not enough room to swing a punch never mind pulling out your Samurai and "Monkeying" someones arse...

Oh well, back to my Fruit Loops and cartoons.

At 2:44 pm, Blogger miss wendy said...

Paul does need a sancutary

At 3:56 pm, Blogger Zézette said...

Is that a secretary or sanctuary, miss wendy? ;) Or a "Thank you, deary"? Or maybe some freakish combination of all the above?

At 1:38 pm, Blogger TFS said...

Earlier in the year I did a lot of travelling for work. I bounced around between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Mackay, Rockhampton, Darwin and Townsville. At all the airports I arrived and departed in my one pair of work shoes, half a dozen times those shoes set off the scanners...if you think a belt is bad, it's worse when they make you take your shoes off...their problem though if I've been walking around in em all day ;o)


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