Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Language warning

Tony Abbott is a cunt! I've said it before, and so long as he keeps being one, I'll say it again.

From the ABC:

The federal Health Minister has taken a swipe at Indigenous communities for not doing enough to stop petrol sniffing.

Earlier this week, the Northern Territory coroner handed down his findings on the death of three petrol sniffers and described government action on petrol sniffing as "pathetic".

But the Health Minister, Tony Abbott, says that is unfair, because there is a limit to what governments can do if communities are not prepared to help themselves.

"Why didn't someone in Mutitjulu simply take the petrol off that young man who wandered into the coroner's hearing while in the very act of sniffing?" he said.

"Wasn't there some responsible person in that community who was capable of just taking the petrol away?"

What was that last quote?

"Wasn't there some responsible person in that community who was capable of just taking the petrol away?"

Could he be anymore insensitive, ignorant and racist?

Am I reading this wrong, or his he implying that there are no 'responsible' people in the Mutitjulu community? And apparently the solution to petrol-sniffing does not lie with Opal fuel, but with "...just taking the petrol away".


This fuckwit is our Health Minister for fucksake.

Problem Solving with Tony Abbott

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

On Heroin Addiction

"What sort of idiot gets addicted to female super-heroes anyway?"

On Depression

"Can't we just slap these losers in the face and tell them to get over it? Why don't they all commit suicide and be done with it"

On Bird-Flu

"Birds get the flu? Really? I've never heard a bird sneeze"

On Aids

"Those poofters had it coming"

13/10/05 - Cunt Update:

"The Government's position is unchanged although obviously we're always prepared to listen to someone who wants to make an intelligent case to us"

- Abbott on not legalising the abortion pill (RU486).

I would've thought it would take intelligence to recognize it. He wouldn't know an 'intelligent case' if it bit him on the arse!


At 12:08 am, Anonymous bronte said...

Cunt with a capital c

At 12:04 pm, Blogger miss wendy said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again.. I think perhaps this is where we could take a page from the French. Ifyou aremale you can use words of YOUR genitalia- for you that's "prick" (I know I am presuming here!) ..So only hermaphrodites (in the Ms W rule book) have the double gender option.

At 12:13 pm, Blogger miss wendy said...

sorry my space bar keeps jamming.. and I forgot to say .. I think the policy analysis and social commentary you have attributed to Mr Abbot is priceless... )

At 3:17 pm, Blogger Jay said...

Jeez. I hope his Mamma doesn't read this.

At 3:47 pm, Blogger cotard said...

The 'c-word' is not a word I use often. In fact in the past 3 years I think I've only ever used it when talking about Abbott. It's the worst word I can think of, and I still don't think it does him justice. He is evil.

At 7:43 pm, Blogger ozbhoy said...

If that bastard cannot suspend his catholic beliefs, and evidence thus far shows he cannot, so as to best serve ALL Australians then he had best resign.

I shan't hold my breath.

At 8:22 pm, Blogger chuffed_enuff said...

(I also despise this word, but) perhaps it should be with a capital 'K', as in KKK? What a dickhead.

At 7:38 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

So was it you who found my site using "cunt 'Tony Abbott'" this week? Restored my faith in humanity that did.

And I am a fan of the word cunt. It's a good word. I don't buy the "cunts are nice and it's being mean to women to call nasty things cunts". Otherwise we could never tell anyone to fuck off, which would be very hard.

At 7:43 pm, Blogger cotard said...

Guilty as charged...

I was hoping I'd rate a bit higher than I did, but I noticed yours, and a few other familiar blogs rating quite high for the aforementioned word combo.

I wonder if he would ever search such a thing?


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