Monday, October 10, 2005

News watch

Over-exposure to news services in the past 24 hours has led to a range of emotional responses:

Confusion and anger:

The federal government is spending an estimated $100 million on advertising to convince the television watching public that their changes to industrial relations legislation are a good idea. Changes that are inevitable, regardless of public opinion, due to the government's majority in the Senate.

In the meantime, $5.5 million in aid has been pledged for the victims of the horrendous earthquake in South Asia.

Fear and self-doubt:

A joint parliamentary Committee on 'Electoral Matters', has recommended four-year terms for the House of Representatives and says there should be a referendum on the change at the next federal election. The recommendations have received mixed responses from both sides of Parliament.

My personal view on the recommendations has got me worried... it's exactly the same as that of Liberal party fruit-cake Sophie Panopoulos:

Sophie Panopoulos, opposes the idea. She says accountability in government isn't better served with longer terms and she says the options for how to deal with the problem that it would create for the Senate are unacceptable.

The Senate has fixed six-year terms, so four-year lower house terms would mean there would have to be separate Senate elections or the Senate would have to have longer terms itself. Sophie Panopoulos says they'd be unacceptably long.

What's next? Will I start concurring with Tony Abbott's views on abortion, or Bronwyn Bishop's views on the wearing of the hijab? I'm scared!

Sadness and loss:

Fire has destroyed 'the entire history' of the animation company responsible for Wallace and Gromit. Sets, props and models were all lost in the blaze at the Bristol studio.

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Unfortunately I can't remember hearing any good news today...

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At 9:31 am, Blogger Steph said...

That's because the only GOOD news shown is for five seconds at the end of the bulletin. The News always depresses me. Sometimes to the point where i don't watch it or read about it for days.


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