Monday, October 17, 2005

Please explain!

Remember this?

Well the man I referred to as "Pauline Hanson with 'real' power", is now New Zealand's Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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I'm struggling to get my head around the whole concept. This guy has openly spoken about his disdain for Muslims and the 'special treatment' afforded to his own Maori peoples. He appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a racist pig. This is an international relations disaster in the making. And here's me cringing at the fact that Alexander Downer is Australia's ambassador to the world.

I wonder how Helen Clark is sleeping tonight... what a way to hold on to power. It's like a Kim Beasley led ALP forming a coalition with One Nation to form government and then making Pauline Hanson the Foreign Minister... what the fuck?!? Could anyone begin to imagine that?

I feel for my fair-minded friends and family across the ditch, many of whom directed their votes away from the conservative Nationals to the more liberal Labour Party. I doubt very much that they were expecting their Labour votes to result in Winston Peters holding such a crucial position, especially in such a turbulent time for international relations.

I think it might be time for the Kiwis to reassess the effectiveness of their mixed member proportional voting system.


At 10:55 am, Blogger Idiot/Savant said...

While we all hate Winston, that's the way the electorate voted, and you play the hand you're dealt. His support was essential for any government to form, whatever its stripe. Though I'm still shocked by making him Minister of Foreign Affairs. Though on the plus side, it will get him out of the country a lot...

As for MMP, we'd much rather have a system where governments must enjoy majority support and compromise to get it than one which allows one party to steamroller anything through while sometimes not even gaining a plurality of the popular vote.

At 11:11 am, Blogger cotard said...

Did the electorate 'really' vote for Peters as Foreign Affairs Minister?

I know I'm a long way from the action here, and I don't get the depth of media analysis that you'd get there, but surely no Labour voters would have expected, or be pleased with that outcome.

I understand what you're saying about MMP, but I can't see anything postitve in the formation of such 'uncomfortable alliences', in order to govern.

At 1:13 pm, Anonymous Kate said...

Urgh. So much for moving to New Zealand now.

At 6:26 am, Blogger Zézette said...

Oh dear.

I share kate's sentiments: I'd always thought of NZ as some kind of lefty utopia, and moving there has been on my mind for some years now and looking more likely by the month. Or it was...

Winston freakin' Peters?!? Good grief. Bye bye, New Zealand -- it's been a slice.

At 1:09 pm, Blogger Jessie said...

Yeah, we're fairly reeling. It does seem like a bad joke.


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