Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Newish Earworms

Songs I'm digging:

Crooked Fingers - Call to Love

Josh Pyke - Middle of the Hill - (listen here)

Boards of Canada
- Chromakey Dreamcoat

The Mountain Goats - This Year

Tucker B's - The Turning

Holly Throsby
- Things Between People - (sample here)

Ween - Gabrielle


At 2:12 am, Blogger Melina said...

Damn you...Call to Love is on your damn CD!

At 9:35 am, Blogger chuffed_enuff said...

I love that Ween song!

ooooooohhhhhh Gab-ree-elle...

At 2:24 pm, Blogger cotard said...

Don't damn me... I don't have it on CD, so leave it on... pleeeease. I've only heard it on the radio, and it's stuck in my head.

Same story with Gabrielle, you can never quite tell when Ween are taking the piss or not, but that song sounds great either way.

At 5:05 am, Blogger Melina said...

Ok I'll leave it on...well it is in the mail. Oh and Ween is from Pennsylvania and the recorded their albums not far from me. So there.

At 4:59 pm, Anonymous Kate said...

I like the Josh Pike song a lot too, but I can't really take Ween very seriously...


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