Monday, March 06, 2006

Un-dulling Dullsville

An open letter to the Perth City Council...

Dear Mayor of Dullsville,

I am a proud Perthvert who is very patriotic when it comes to supporting Western Australian artists and events. Ever since the inception of the Watershed, I have made an effort to attend as many events as possible during the annual Perth International Arts Festivals.

When the heart of the festival was moved from Northbridge to the Perth Concert Hall, I was initially disappointed. I thought the Watershed was unique, with its own Perth charm and atmosphere. I thought that atmosphere would not be able to be recreated at the Concert Hall.

When I attended the Verandah's opening night in 2004, all my fears were quickly allayed. The Cat Empire put on an amazing show, and the Verandah as a venue exceeded all expectations. What a way to spend a balmy Perth summer's night. Outdoors, with a world-class live act, overlooking the beautiful Swan River.

Since that night I have been an unashamed fan and ambassador for the Verandah, and after attending a couple of events this year, my love for the venue has only grown stronger, and it got me to thinking...

Why can't this venue be utilised for more than just the three weeks of the Festival?

Perth does not make enough use of its natural assets, primarily its climate and river. The city itself is culturally dead after 8pm at night, with punters having to cross the tracks to Northbridge for their cultural fare.

I have a vision that the Verandah could be used as a summer outdoor music club. I would like to see it open in December and January at least 3 nights a week, providing an ideal venue for local and interstate acts. It could then play host to the WAMI festival in the first two weeks in February, before reverting to its initial role as the live music hub for the three weeks of the Perth International Arts Festival.

Everyone who I've run the idea past has been positive in their feedback. I'm sure it would be a profitable venture for the council and prospective corporate sponsors. So, why not?

Kind regards,

A. Perthvert


At 7:52 pm, Blogger chuffed_enuff said...

I totally agree with the brilliance of the Verandah. It's clean, it's got a clear view and the exorbitant beer prices means that nobody can afford to get drunk and rowdy...

Love it!


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