Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pointed Pines review

In The Pines 2006

The Crowd
I'm not sure of the exact numbers that attended, but I believe they stopped selling tickets at the door at some point during the day. It seemed like just the 'right amount'. The venue was full without being crowded.

The Venue
The Sommerville auditorium is one of my all time favourite venues. It's a hard one to describe to those who haven't been there. It's an outdoor venue on a slight incline, perfect for 'staged' events. For much of the day the majority of the crowd were seated on rugs on a bed of pine needles formed from the huge pines that surround and are interspersed throughout. The pines also provide a natural canopy, making sunglasses virtually redundant. By night, many of the trees are lit from beneath by small white lights ringing their trunks, adding to the atmosphere. It's a stunning venue.

The Weather
Typical In The Pines weather. Overcast with the constant threat of rain. There was a moment just after dark where a few light raindrops fell, but only enough to briefly freak out the organisers. I'm sure they were having flashbacks of the "Little Birdy fiasco" of a couple of years back.

The Vibe
In The Pines peoples are good peoples. My friend commented that he had never seen so many people making the effort to get up, walk to the nearest bin, and dispose of their empties. You just don't see that at other outdoor festivals and concerts. You could feel the mutual respect. There were a handful of little tackers, toddlers and babies around the place too, something I'd probably consider irresponsible at an event like the BDO, but at the Pines it seemed right.

The Fashion
Where do I start? Varied, interesting, odd. The op-shops of Perth must do very well out of In The Pines peoples. My personal highlight was a little guy (he would've been seven or so) dressed up as a Star Wars stormtrooper, complete with gun, mask and white tights, choice work mum!

The Value
Ultra-cheap tickets ($25 at the door for non-subscribers was the most anyone would've paid), reasonably priced alcohol (you could buy bottled wine for $15!), and a great range of reasonably priced 'real' food (I especially enjoyed the chicken chipolattas - so cute!). You couldn't go wrong, although I must've spent about $60-70 at the bar... $4 a can... that's a lot of cans... no wonder I was hungover on Sunday.

The Acts
Half hour sets are probably a bit too short, but it does give you a chance to sample a lot of local talent. Highlights for me were The Panics and Mo Wilson. I'm sure Red Jez and Snowman were awesome too, but I think I was drunkenly (and as it turned out, successfully) chatting to a nice girl by then.

The Verdict
Big thumbs up! To Peter Barr and all the RTR peoples, thanks for another great day. Thanks also to all of the acts for giving their time to such a fantastic radio station. To all those non-subscribers who attended, subscribe ya' sponging buggers. See you all next year.


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