Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mandy just wants to be happy

Amanda Vanstone speaking about proposed changes to migration laws:

"This is not so much a bill to keep the Indonesians happy, it's a bill to make us happy"

Just who are the "us" in that sentence Mandy?

If you think you are speaking for all Australians; you'd be wrong.

If you think you are speaking for all of your Liberal colleagues; you'd be wrong.

Have you given any thought to the happiness of the innocent children who are going to end up in detention as a result of this 'happy' little bill of yours?

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At 1:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

with regards to the cotard syndrome's comment at the top of the page, No it isn't cool i'm afraid. My wife is a psychiatrist and she sees people really troubled by it.
You might never know what its like.
It would be kind of you to rephrase the comment particularly by removing the "how cool is that" bit, not for Political correctness, but out of sensitivity to those who's lives are hell because of it.
thank you

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